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Recovery Stories and Testimonials

My life used to be dark and dreary; there were days I couldn't even get out of bed. I would just pull the blankets over my head, and hope for another day. In these days, I was hospitalized several times. Then I had an awakening. I was introduced to the Multi-Service Center where I was set up with a team of workers who introduced to me the RLC. I started attending groups and started getting stronger with each meeting. The next thing I knew, I was trained to be a Peer Facilitator. I started facilitating a few groups and started feeling good; my self-esteem was getting better. I was happy. Then I heard about a job called a Bridger. I started looking into it; it struck my interest. I wrote a resume and gave copies to everyone. I really wanted the job and I went to every meeting and every training.

Finally, all my hard work paid off. I got a call one July morning and was told I got the job. I was thrilled, and I couldn't believe it. I started working with two people from the Crisis Unit, and then I got a peer support job for the patients at Taunton State Hospital. I love all these jobs and my current goal is to become a Certified Peer Specialist. I want to give to people the hope that was given to me.

Once you realize you can be the central player in attaining and maintaining your own wellness, you can work with your treaters and come to know that by aligning yourself with peers and participating in peer activities, you can sign on, as it were, to be "In Recovery."

I feel supported. I feel there is a lot of help to be had from attending the groups. Hasta la vista!

The thing that excites me most is coming to work and meeting a new peer and explaining to them what the RCC is and how we may be able to help support them in taking control of their own recovery! I am so fortunate to have such a great team of peers/staff to work with to help both the peers and the RCC grow.

The RCC is a safe place to go where I can talk and share. I trust others who come with things I can't say around many other people. There is plenty of love and support for all of us. We celebrate the good times, too! It is right for me; I hope it works for you. The RCC connects all the dots for me. Love, trust, peace, serenity and gives me so much confidence and freedom. We all love coming to the RCC. If you need help and hope, it's the right place to be. Peer support really works!

This connection center is inspirational and helped me to get my priorities straight.

Although I am doing well mentally, I still need support from time to time. The RCC is a wonderful place for me to find that support. I can come on days when I don't work or volunteer or days when I am sad or even days when I just can't stay at my house all day. The RCC has supporting staff that listen, the peers are welcoming and kind. The smaller groups are more intimate for me.

I am glad to be out of the hospital. It is a good feeling. It is very difficult, sometimes, to get along with my parents, but I know they are trying to help. They don't know what to do, which is hard.

I like the RCC because I get to talk to others that have similar experiences.

To me, the RCC is family; a home away from home. I feel really comfortable going to the groups. I am not judged, I am accepted. What a great feeling. I was gone awhile from attending groups but, when I came back, everyone was so happy that I was back! I even got a hug. It is a great place to socialize with other people who have mental health issues. Everyone is so friendly. The groups are really fun and helpful. My favorite group is "Touch of Music" but the other groups are great, too. I recommend the RCC to others. Another reason why I like the RCC is you can come and go as you please. Everyone who goes to the RCC really wants to be there; it is all on a volunteer basis. The RCC is great for me and my recovery.

There are lots of things to do at the RCC; it is never boring. I recommend it to everyone. I love it here.

The RCC makes me feel safe, I have built a strong bond with my peers.

I had been coming to the RCC for 4 years; now I am a facilitator. Every day, I learn something new.

What is really exciting about our Center is that it is a place where there is Hope. When someone walks through the door they feel refreshed. A community awaits us that welcomes us for what we are and wants to heal our souls, to reach out, to provide a safe environment to grow in.

Recovery happens here as we gain strength and self-esteem that allows to look around and see others that need us.

The RCC is a beacon of hope and a bastion of understanding.

I look forward to getting up each day to participate in peer support groups. I feel that it has given me a safe place, to feel fearless, independent, strong, secure and able to connect with others that are able to help and understand where I've been. The staff help me reach my maximum capacity and well-being. There is no final destination, just a continued progress of recovery. I have also created a bond with all members as close friends and now I have an extended family. The group is there for anyone who feels like there is no place safe to express one's self without being judged. Peer groups don't judge or discriminate against anyone. They make me feel very comfortable to be part of their family.

On my journey, after many years in many different programs, I found a very comfortable spot to continue my personal growth in recovery. Members in my group have a tremendous amount of strength. I was welcomed into the group with open arms.

The first thing I became aware of everyone wanted to know me. The tone of the group was very calm and soothing, and it was easy for me to relate on all topics of my life but, my feelings were all over the place. I noticed many members nodding their heads in agreement with my plight.

As I shared, I was at ease. I felt tranquil, I felt this was my group now. It has become an extremely important part of my life and recovery. I have heard many stories of strength, experiences, and hope. I have made a large amount of new and wonderful lifelong friends that I hold in high regard. I am very grateful to have this extraordinary opportunity.

The RCC is a great program. It is realistic. Peers come together to share insight on one another's plans and future goals they plan on excelling towards. It's a fair game.

We participate in groups where we are allowed to give feedback and voice our opinions. In the RCC, we have guidelines to let us know how to be respectful to others; peers and staff. Here at the RCC, we believe and take hope in respecting each other and remember all the times we shared in good faith in a great time of need. We help our peers with ideas they might have trouble reaching. The plan is to reach our goals and decipher any ideas or problems.

The program gives me self-esteem, a way to structure and organize my day, a chance to interact with good people and a way to discuss different options.

I feel supported and grateful to be given the opportunity to break up my isolation which, all too often, ends in depression. The RCC is a great place to meet new and old friends. The groups give me a chance to express myself and listen to others. This gives me an opportunity to interact and understand other members' points of view. I really appreciate the RCC and what it represents to the mental health community.

The RCC gives me a place to come where I will be understood and accepted.
My Benefits from attending Peer Support groups at the Brockton RCC:
1. I have been stable and out of the hospital for more than 8 months.
2. I have the opportunity to be around and interact with people who have gone through similar experiences as me.
3. I have been able to talk to others concerning times I have been in distress.

I always enjoy watching people as they grow and gain self-determination. One peer always got a ride from the house van but, now they take the bus. It is also exciting to see peers at the beginning of the cooking group when they say, "I can't cook", "I don't know how". They may start with washing the lettuce, peeling an egg and then "PRESTO" their confidence begins to fly. They want to stir what is in the pot or, possibly, shape the meatballs. Their friendships grow with each other as they sing songs in the kitchen while cooking, setting the table or washing the dishes. This is a fun way we can come together.

The RCC gets me out of my depression. It gets me out of the house and gives me a place to go and groups to go to. We talk about our problems and life situations. It is a place to meet peers and socialize with them. It helps me say my feelings and get them out.

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For me, recovery is hope; the hope to take charge of my mental health and well-being.