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Peer support can be subtle or frequent, brief or ongoing, but it's always accessible and always flexible at the SERLC sites. Peer support can take on many forms – phone calls, text messaging, group meetings, home visits, going for walks together, and much more. Peer Supporters are peers with lived experience who are willing to share their experience, strength, and hope with others. Through empathetic listening and encouragement, Peer Supporters help other peers to cope with social or emotional barriers and to stay motivated to reach their goals.


If you would like to connect with one of our Certified Peer Specialists, Click Here!

You can also check out our online group meetings that The South East Recovery Learning Community has by clicking on our site names: Quincy, Brockton, Fall River/New Bedford, and Hyannis. While our groups are currently facilitated on Zoom, we are happily serving peers from around the World! Join us today!

About Our..

Group Facilitation

Each of The SERLC sites offer a variety of unique and creative groups that peers are welcome to join or leave at any time. There is a wide range of topics such as Combatting Loneliness, Anger & Self-Control, Trauma & Suicide, Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA), and more upbeat, fun groups, such as, Creative Art, Rockin' Recovery, Trivia, and so much more. Please click on the individual sites to see their full calendar and assortment of groups. 

One thing that is consistent throughout all of our sites, is the use of our "Comfort Agreement" which is read at the beginning of each group and is strictly adhered to to ensure a safe environment for all. It reads as follows, 

"Please--Try to join the group at its start. Realize confidentiality matters to all of us and our ultimate wellness. When on a call, wear headphones or close doors to respect our privacy. Show mutual kindness and respect for all who are on the call. Be culturally, religiously and politically sensitive. Put cell phones on mute, state your name if you would like to speak, then wait for the facilitator to call on you. Try to avoid graphic details and be mindful of the group's feelings. Be mindful of the language you use in group, use "I" statements, speak from your heart. Say "OUCH" if a comment is upsetting to you. Avoid offering advice and being judgmental or criticizing and discriminating against others. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, please do not attend, as it may be triggering to your peers. If you feel like harming yourself or someone else, please let us know

--Thank You--"

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We love to have fun at our Recovery Connection Centers! Past events have included bowling, movie  and game nights, trips to restaurants, breakfast at the State House in Boston, Holiday excursions such as Haunted Hayrides, laser tag, beach trips, and much more. We are waiting for you to join us and enjoy recovery together! All our events are free of cost and we provide transportation to all outings from our RCC sites. 

*Due to COVID most events are being postponed but we are working on putting together small events that follow CDC Guidelines. To get updates on our upcoming events, please subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page. 

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Free Training

The South East Recovery Learning Community is entirely peer run. Most of our staff began their recovery journey as a volunteer member at 1 of our RCC's. We love nothing more than to see a member of our community participate in their own wellness and recovery and reach their goals through hard-work and determination. We offer peers several FREE trainings throughout the year that can help kickstart a career, and/or strengthen their tools of recovery. Trainings vary in difficulty, length, and location. There is something for everyone!  If you would like to learn about upcoming trainings, please subscribe to our email list below. We look forward to taking this journey together.




As a Recovery Youth Leader (Young Adult Peer Specialist), you will help address the needs and goals of the Transitional Age Youth (TAY) population by participating in TAY seminars, trainings and events. The Recovery Youth Leader will facilitate events and programs of the Recovery Learning Center that will foster a warm and welcoming environment. The Recovery Youth Leader will also communicate, represent, and promote the Youth Peer movement within the RLC and facilitate Peer-run groups. 

*We have several open positions for Recovery Youth Leader. APPLY HERE


Vinfen is seeking a Recovery Community Connector, to facilitate and support people within the community, who is committed to grassroots outreach. The Community Connector, will serve as a role model, mentor, teacher, advocate, and ally in order to support and enhance the person's participation and involvement in the community.

  • Facilitate groups and activities in the community.

  • Educate the person about community resources and services

  • Foster independence, hope, inspiration and a sense of community.

  • Provide advocacy, support, education, information, and training in recovery tools.

  • Assist people in identifying and assessing resources, services, and support that they need and desire within their communities.

  • Support the development of self-advocacy skills and other strategies that promote recovery by teaching and modeling these skills.

  • Create a welcoming and helpful Recovery Learning Center environment in which participants, family, friend, and others important in the lives of participants are welcomed, respected, and valued

Apply Here​


Recovery Bridger provides rehabilitation, support, supervision, housing, and recovery services to adults labeled with mental illness from a trauma-informed, person-centered perspective. Recovery Bridger works with peers in their preferred environments and in the community to support peers recovery goals. 

At Vinfen, our Recovery Bridger's work to close any gaps and assist in any transitional issues that may arise when a peer is leaving an inpatient facility and transitioning back home. 

*No current Recovery Bridger positions vacant

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