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The South East Recovery Connection Centers


Our Core Values: Genuine Human Relationships, Self-Determination and Personal Strength, Mutuality, Optimism, Healing Environments and Respect


  • Individuals in the RLC community will be encouraged to form connections with each other as develop naturally and use these connections to the community as an opportunity to build or strengthen their natural support systems.

  • The RLC community will respect the boundaries of each member. Each member of the RLC community has the right to determine when he or she is going to be available to the RLC community, when he or she does or does not want to be hugged or touched in any way, and what sorts of relationships he or she wishes to engage in with others in the community.


  • The RLC will offer education and information on a variety of perspectives, options and resources, but RLC community members will always hold the power to determine their own goals, and to define for themselves the meaning of the word “recovery” as it applies to their own lives.

  • We believe in each individual’s strength and wisdom to make his or her own choices, express his or her own likes and dislikes and identify his or her own needs without the overuse of rules and guidelines to dictate that process.


  • Individuals who come to the RLC for support will also give support to another at some point, and that each individual will not only approach the RLC with the attitude of what he or she can get but also what he or she can give.

  • The RLC is a community of people supporting people who have been through similar struggles, all on equal ground. We will not attempt to act as therapists or clinicians. We will be active in peer support and the expertise we have about ourselves.

  • Each of us empowers ourselves to move, question, change, act and be hopeful. We thereby (intentionally or not) inspire others in our community to do the same.


  • All individuals will be welcomed in to the RLC community and treated with the belief that they have the power and ability to achieve their hopes and dreams.

  • The RLC community recognizes that all individuals have ups and downs, and moments when they may “relapse” or need to step away from the community. The community will reach out to these individuals in times of need and always welcome them back with open arms, compassion and without judgment.


  • Individuals within the RLC Community will respect each other’s privacy. This includes holding confidentiality around information shared within RLC spaces and supporting one another to define how and when information can be shared in a respectful manner and in a way that builds community.

  • The RLC strives to make all spaces accessible to all. This includes (but is not limited to) avoiding the use of scented products as much as possible, using wheelchair accessible spaces, and scheduling interpreters and groups in other languages.

  • The RLC is trauma-sensitive and strives to create safe spaces and opportunities for connection. This means avoiding smelling of alcohol or drugs or being visibly intoxicated or high, or bringing alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia into RLC spaces or activities. This also may mean walking someone to their car when it’s dark out, being conscious of tone and body language, and creating shared agreements and expectations to address community needs as they arise.

  • The RLC uses non-violent conflict resolution. It is anticipated that any individuals in the RLC community who have a conflict with one another will address the conflict directly to the relevant individuals whenever possible, without the use of yelling, gossiping or physical aggression, and that individuals in general will be open to talking through conflicts with one another.


  • Above all else, the RLC will treat ourselves, each other and each other’s belongings with respect, compassion and kindness at all times.

  • Everyone will be encouraged to use open, person-first, strengths-based language and avoid using one-word labels when referring to others in the recovery community.

  • Individuals are encouraged to go out of their way whenever possible to thank others for their contributions, including those with whom they might not always get along.​

  • The RLC community will treat everyone with dignity, respect and as a valued individual, as well as encouraging learning, openness and conversations about different beliefs and cultures. We will not ostracize or put down any individual based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, size or other aspect of their appearance, religious beliefs and so on.                                            © Excerpts and ideas from Western Mass RLC, 2012

The following “Comfort Agreement” is to be read before each group:



Please-- Be sure to follow all COVID-19 safety precautions while out or with others. Try to join the group at its start. Realize confidentiality matters to all of us and our ultimate wellness. When on a call, wear headphones or close doors to respect our privacy. Show mutual kindness and respect for all who are on the call. Be culturally, religiously and politically sensitive. Put cell phones on mute, state your name if you would like to speak, then wait for the facilitator to call on you. Try to avoid graphic details and be mindful of the group's feelings. Be mindful of the language you use in group, use "I" statements, speak from your heart. Say "OUCH" if a comment is upsetting to you. Avoid offering advice and being judgmental or criticizing and discriminating against others. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, please do not attend, as it may be triggering to your peers. If you feel like harming yourself or someone else, please let us know --Thank You--

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