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Welcome to the Southeast
Recovery Learning Community

We are a peer-run community in the Southeastern area of Massachusetts
for people with lived experience of trauma, psychiatric diagnosis, addiction, and other challenges. We are dedicated to providing mutual support, education, and advocacy by offering opportunities and resources to assist people in finding their own self-determined paths to emotional wellness.

We provide mutual peer-to-peer support, peer-facilitated support groups, peer bridging, advocacy, community connecting, fun events, education, and volunteer opportunities to support people in their wellness journey.

All the services of the SERLC are inclusive, free of charge, and no referral or insurance is needed. 


Everyone who enters any of our four Recovery Connection Centers (RCCs) is welcomed and becomes an instant member.

Our Peer Support Line is a compassionate community warmline staffed by Certified Peer Specialists and Recovery Coaches who have their own first-hand experience with psychiatric diagnosis, trauma, addiction, extreme emotional states, and other challenges.

We provide a safe, mutual, nonjudgemental, and trauma-informed space to share what you're going through.

Call us if you need to talk to someone who gets it, even if you’re not in crisis.

Need someone to talk to?

Call Our Peer Support Warm Line:
(877 PEER LNE)
(no "i")

We're here for you
7 days a week



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We Are Hiring!
Join Our Team!

SERLC Peer Community Facilitator

The Southeast Recovery Learning Community (SERLC) is looking for a Peer Community Facilitator to connect with and facilitate groups in various under-represented neighborhoods throughout the southeast area. 


This is a 3-hour/week position which involves outreach into the communities as well as a weekly peer support group. We are interested in candidates who may have bilingual capacity, connections, and roots in the following communities of the southeast: ​

  • Black/African American

  • Native American

  • Asian

  • Hispanic

  • Portuguese

  • Haitian Creole


  • Veterans

The Peer Community Facilitator: 

  • Must have lived experience of trauma/mental health and/or substance misuse challenges.

  • Will answer directly to the SERLC Program Director


  • Will collaborate with SERLC Team (the SERLC Program Director, and the four Area Program Directors, APDs) to provide strategic planning for future outreach to underrepresented communities.


  • Will document all connections by keeping count and reporting numbers for the monthly statistics for DMH.


  • Will maintain an ongoing list of email addresses for future emails of notification of events happening in the SERLC area, if given permission by the interested peer individual.


  • Will attend, in person, special quarterly events in the southeast as determined by the SERLC Program Director.

  • Must adhere to all of BMC’s RESPECT behavioral standards.


  • General computer knowledge for documentation and connections.

  • Working knowledge and understanding of social media.

  • Connections with underrepresented communities.

  • Ability to perform necessary outreach to new communities.

  • Bilingual Language capabilities preferred.

  • Experience facilitating groups preferred, training will be provided.

If you feel you are a good fit for this position:


The Peer Bridger will facilitate and support people as they transition from varying levels of care (e.g. acute- and continuing-care inpatient facilities, crisis stabilization units, respite beds, transitional homeless shelter programs) into natural community supports of their choosing.


The Peer Bridger will have lived experience of a psychiatric condition and will support people on a one-to-one and group basis by building a stable, trusting relationship with the person as they prepare for an upcoming transition.


In addition, the Peer Bridger will assist with the operation of peer-operated Recovery Learning Community (RLC) setting(s) in which people with lived experience of mental health conditions choose to join as participants and work collaboratively on their recovery goals along with their peers.

If you feel you are a good fit for this position:



The Brockton RCC Community Connector/Outreach Worker will haved lived experience of trauma, mental health, or substance use challenges. They perform various duties to support the Southeast Recovery Learning Community (SERLC) programs:

Establish outreach sites in the Brockton and Taunton areas for ongoing RCC groups.

Work with DMH site directors in establishing outreach venues. 

Assist in maintaining a resource library for outreach sites.

Assist in the collection and reporting of data.

Facilitate events and programs of the SERLC.

Foster a warm and welcoming environment.

Facilitate peer-run support groups.

Communicate, represent, and promote the peer perspective in the SERLC.

If you feel you are a good fit for this position:


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