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Our Peer Support Line:

877-733-7563 (877 PEER LNE)

We're here for you 7 days a week from 4pm-8pm.

Our Peer Support Line is a compassionate community telephone service, staffed by Operators who have lived experience with mental health issues. We provide a supportive ear to callers who want to share their thoughts and feelings about life and its challenges with a person who also has lived experience.

Operators talk about the day to day experiences of living with mental health issues, and focus on transformation and recovery possibilities from a place where many people feel disabled, isolated and perhaps stuck. The message of HOPE is emphasized, strong and clear, based on the personal accomplishments and achievements of wellness by the Operators. While we recognize that wellness fluctuates from day to day, and sometimes from hour to hour, this is something that our Peer Operators can talk about.

Who We Are

Certified Peer Specialists & Recovery Coaches

We are an entirely peer-run organization dedicated to providing support, education and advocacy by providing opportunities and resources to assist individuals in finding their own path to mental health recovery. We have no barrier of access for people who self-identify as having a mental health issue in the past or present and/or having substance abuse issues. All the services of the Recovery Connection Centers are free of charge.

Our doors are open to everyone and anyone who feels they belong and wants to join a recovery community.

In case of inclement weather, such as snow storms or heat waves, most of our sites may be closed. Please call ahead if you are in any doubt.

Diversity Students

Peer Run Support Groups

Tough Topics; Trauma, Suicide, & More

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A Supportive Hug

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"I find so much joy & happiness at the RCC! It's empowering to share my journey with people who truly understand where I'm coming from"

- Niki 

"The RCC has totally transformed my life! I have so much more self-confidence thanks to them!"

- Sandy M.

"I have attended many of SERLC's groups and I have never opened up to anyone as much as I do here!"

- Scotty P


Our Core Values: Genuine Human Relationships, Self-Determination and Personal Strength, Mutuality, Optimism, Healing Environments and Respect


What We Do