Meet The BAMSI Brockton Team

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Ryan Gildersleeve

Peer Facilitator


Mark Kariotis

DRA Peer Facilitator


Elizabeth Keeling

TAY Peer Leader


ShayLynn Almeida

Outreach Coordinator

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Barbara DeCunzo

Area Program Director/

Peer Leader

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Laura Bagley

Peer Facilitator

We look forward to

hearing from you!

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Lorna Ulmer


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James Landers

Peer Facilitator

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Marlene Lolles

Peer Facilitator/ Outreach Coordinator

The Brockton Recovery Connection Center

730 Belmont Street, Brockton, MA 02301

Phone: 508-857-0316

Fax: 774-223-5130



The Centers offer groups that provide connections to others experiencing mental health challenges in a safe environment to learn and grow. Our RLC community members and peer staff are interested in meeting you, sharing thoughts on recovery and talking about their lived experience. We value the lived experience of having a mental health and/or addiction history. Our model is that of equality. Come for an hour, stay for the day, and make friends for a life time. All the services of the Recovery Centers are free of charge.

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More about our RCC

RCC is an entirely peer-run community dedicated to providing support, education and advocacy by providing opportunities and resources to assist individuals in finding their own path to mental health recovery.  Our Recovery Centers have no barrier of access for people who self-identify as having a mental health issue in the past or present and/or having substance abuse issues. The RLC’s doors are open to everyone and anyone who feels they belong and wants to join a recovery community. Our program helps those it supports analyze their goals in life creating a map that will help an individual support and obtain their life goals.

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Sandra Whitney-Sarles
Program Director of SERLC
Barbara DeCunzo
Area Program Director
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