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Who We Are

Certified Peer Specialists & Recovery Coaches

Peer Specialists and Recovery Coaches help people become and stay engaged in their recovery journey and in maintaining their overall emotional wellness.

Both support people in strengthening their community inclusion and finding their own unique pathways in life. They can significantly impact people’s beliefs about recovery and emotional wellness by sharing their lived experience, strength, and hope.

Certified Peer Specialists

Certified Peer Specialists support people in finding inspiration, meaning, and purpose in their lives through community integration and self-advocacy.

Sharing their own lived experience with trauma, psychiatric diagnoses, and experiences within the mental healthcare system, they build a foundation of trust based on mutuality and shared healing.

Through collaboration and advocacy, they assist others in navigating the mental health care system and encourage a self-directed engagement with providers.

They effect systems change through advocacy, modeling strengths-based language, addressing stigma, and facilitating mental health awareness.

Recovery Coaches

Recovery Coaches also support people in finding inspiration, meaning, and purpose in their lives by serving  as a personal guide and mentor to help remove obstacles to addiction recovery.

Utilizing their own lived experiences with recovery from substance misuse, they teach harm-reduction techniques and assist individuals to access sustaining self-help and mutual addiction and recovery support groups.

They effect systems change by helping to eliminate addiction stigma from health care and promoting the recovery-oriented model.

Peer Bridgers

Some of the supports a Peer Bridger would help an individual with include:

  • Educating and connecting the individual with community services before and after discharge.

  • Serving as an advocate and ally.

  • Helping to foster independence.

  • Giving a sense of inspiration, hope, and a sense of community.

Community Connectors

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