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Group Facilitator


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Recovery Youth Leader



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The Hyannis Recovery Connection Center

106 Bassett Lane, Unit 2, Hyannis, MA 02601

Phone: 508-815-5219 Fax: 508-771-0226

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Join any of our Zoom Meetings by using Meeting ID: 615 803 2491

One tap mobile phone dial in: +1-929-205-6099 Then Enter Meeting ID: 615 803 2491#

**All meetings will last roughly 1 hour & will continue without any disruption or disconnection**

Our Group Descriptions

All Good News: Good news throughout the local, national, or international community; and discussions on them.

Difficult Emotions: The group looks at tough and challenging emotions and shares coping skills.

DRA: Dual Recovery Anonymous

Fish-Bowl: Life statements pulled out of a fish bowl, by facilitator.  Peers share their opinion as to pertains to them or their life.

Games Group: A more light-hearted group with different games and puzzles to engage peers to share.

Good Morning Goals: A way to start off the day with sharing our goals, short term and/or long term; and what we may need to attain them.

Health and Nutrition:  Discussion of how physical activity, self-care, and good nourishment can balance out our mental health wellness.

Loneliness and Depression: Discussion about feelings and what we are dealing with during Covid-19.

Lunch Break: Stop in and have a virtual lunch with RCC staff and other individuals before a day of groups begin.

Mental Health in Review:  Discussions of what “Mental Health in Review” means to each individual and discuss what would be helpful for them to know.

Music: Individuals choose a song to play.  After the song the individual explains what that songs means to them.

Peers Choice:  Peers have their choice of group topics based on what we have on the RCC schedule.

Peer Review:  Wrapping up the day with feedback from peers, on any issues (positive or negative) or changes they would like to see happen. Discussions of gratitude.

Peer Support: Any subject or issue that an individual may have, that is shared with peers for possible feedback/coping skills.

RCC Pride: A group made for members of the LGBTQ+ community to come together for peer support.

Relaxation: Meditation then discussion.

TAY Self-Advocacy: This is a group for young adults to learn their rights and how to advocate for themselves in various areas of life.

TAY Fun Friday: Come join us for a fun end-of-the-week group with games and activities.

TAY Expressive Arts: An opportunity for peers to get creative and express themselves through art.

Two Truths and a Lie:  Peers choose two truths and one lie about self.  Group guesses the lie. Gives peers an opportunity to get to know each other.

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