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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Southeast Recovery Learning Community is to offer non-clinical, mutual peer-to-peer support for people who have been impacted by trauma, extreme emotional states, psychiatric diagnoses, and/or problems with substance misuse.

We provide services that are person-driven, support self-determination,

and focus on strengths and resilience.


Essential to our work at the SERLC is acknowledging that everyone’s path to emotional wellness and recovery looks different, and each person is the best expert on themselves, based on their own lived experience.

We seek to support people in a healing, safe space that is trauma-sensitive, validating, inclusive, accommodating, and accessible to all.


In our commitment to diversity, racial equity, and inclusion, we strive to build a healing community that is free from discrimination, stigma, and oppression of any kind. We acknowledge that every interaction is an opportunity for learning and increased connection among our community members and employees.


We approach each person and their story with curiosity and open-mindedness, welcoming the sharing of ideas and viewpoints for the betterment of our community.

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that our Recovery Connection Centers of the Southeast Recovery Learning Community are located on the traditional lands of the Nauset, Wampanoag, and Massachusett Tribal people.


We pay our respects to them and their elders and acknowledge the truth of the violence, displacement, and forced migration brought upon these people.


We celebrate these and all tribal nations for the wisdom, courage, strength, and resilience they demonstrate, despite what was horribly and wrongfully done to them.

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